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Don’t let an emergency situation leave you feeling scared, isolated, or alone — arm your home with a home security monitoring system from ADT. ADT focuses its passion for innovative design to develop cutting-edge products that help bridge the gap between you and your home security personnel. Closer communication means more support and a safer home community for you and your family.

Faster and more efficient responses result in better overall home security.

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One-touch home security

An emergency can arise when you least expect it, but with ADT you will never be caught unprepared. When a medical or home security incident occurs and you are not near your cell or home phone, ADT makes contacting your home security monitoring network easy.

Medical Pendant — a personal addition to your security monitoring

For folks who live with specific medical conditions, knowing that assistance is close at hand is essential to being able to enjoy peace of mind. That is why ADT offers a compact and convenient emergency pendant.

This device offers you portable, one-button calling access to your ADT center. It can easily be worn as a necklace or wristband, so you can keep it on your person anytime. With the personal emergency pendant, you can call ADT from up to 50 feet away from your system, granting you ease of access without having to directly manage the wireless keypad.

Police contact — easy access to local authorities

With ADT’s simple one-button access to your local police, contacting your local authorities is fast and easy. If you need assistance, just press the police button on your ADT wireless keypad. An ADT representative will listen carefully to your problem and help you find the right solution or contact the police for you.

Fire contact — immediate response

Unlike the medical and police buttons which connect you with an ADT customer representative, the fire button gives you direct access to your local fire department. When you press the fire button, ADT prompts your local fire department to immediately send a team to your residence for assistance.

Two-way communication upgrade

What medical, police, and fire buttons do for your specific needs, two-way communication does for your more general needs. With two-way communication capabilities, you can contact an ADT professional by simply pressing a button on your wireless keypad. Use your two-way communication button if you:

  • Need assistance operating a feature of your home security system
  • Have a home security concern but no alarms have been triggered
  • Are experiencing an emergency but do not know which specific button to press

Plus, you do not have to stay near the device in order to keep communicating with your representative. You can press the button and move anywhere within 75 feet of the device and still maintain your conversation.

A personal, human voice on the other side of the phone line can bring immense comfort in a time of emergency or stress. And because all of ADT’s customer representatives are qualified professionals, you are sure to get all the help you need in an efficient and effective fashion.

No matter what your home security need, ADT is there to help.

False alarm prevention for trustworthy home security

Respecting your time and your trust

Truly trustworthy home security monitoring provides not only detection abut also discernment.

A home security system that sends false alarms can result in:

  • Spending time driving home to check the security when there is no real threat
  • Mistrusting your home security monitoring when it does send an alert
  • Causing your neighbors to doubt the legitimacy of your need when they hear the alarm
  • Unnecessary stress and frustration

In order to save you time, money, and a great deal of effort, ADT works hard to prevent false alarms from happening.

Smart people, smart technology

ADT utilizes innovative technologies, such as the pet sensitive infrared motion detectors, that are smart enough to discern between real threats and harmless triggers. So if you have a four-legged friend, you can protect your home security monitoring against false alarms with ADT.

National home security monitoring by ADT Security

If you want home security monitoring that is strong enough for America yet personal enough to care for your home, then you have come to the right place. ADT pulls from a network of six interconnected centers located all across North America to offer you an expansive system of home security. But each location is staffed by a crew of highly qualified professionals, so you get the personal attention you deserve.

When an emergency situation strikes, you need personal, professional support there immediately.

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